10 Ways You Can Improve your Winter Break This Year

Are you looking for something to do over the upcoming winter break?

10 Ways You Can Improve your Winter Break This Year

Rachel Carney, Contributor

It isn’t necessarily uncommon for students and children to spend their winter breaks in the comfort of their own homes on electronic devices. While there is nothing wrong with this, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some ways to spruce up your winter break, both at home and outside. If you’re looking for some ways to make your winter break different from the past few, here you go!

However, don’t let the week off get in the way of finishing homework, or staying on task, either. While it isn’t necessarily appealing to study over winter break, there’s still fun strategy or math games that can help you keep things in your head for when the break will eventually come to a close. In the meantime, though, here are some fun and interesting ways to improve your winter break this year!


1.  Company. Winter break is a good time to have friends or family from out of town come over and hang out, eat dinner, etc. There’s no school and chances are, no work either (depending on the occupation) and it gives you a good opportunity to spend time with those you enjoy being around, whether you’re talking, having dinner together, or whatever. Regardless of what you do, it’s a great opportunity to be with friends and family that you may not see very often, or even friends and family that you see on a regular basis.

2. Outdoor activities. If you’re somewhere where there’s snow, as long as you’re dressed properly, it’s fun to go and play in it. You can make snow structures, snowballs, snow angels, or even just wander around and enjoy the weather. And if you’re somewhere where there isn’t snow, there’s still plenty of things to do; unusual as it is, many people actually go swimming over winter break! Not only that, but there’s plenty of places like Gravity that you can go to for some fun indoor activities outside of your own home as well.

3. Theme Parks. A week off is a great time to go out of town, especially if you’re going somewhere like Disneyland; decorations and themes are up, new songs play, and it’s an experience unlike the regular because of the holidays. And Disneyland isn’t the only place — plenty of themed places are awaiting

 your visits over the break.

4.  Traveling. An extended period of days off is an exceptional opportunity to go out and try new things. If you’re into paranormal stuff, you have an entire week on your hands to travel out to Arkansas and visit the Crescent Hotel — known as America’s Most Haunted. If that stuff isn’t your thing, a beautiful Aurora Borealis awaits you in Fairbanks, Alaska. Or maybe even just to go camping. The weather may not be too hot, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good opportunity to hike or camp — as long as you’re prepared for the weather.

5. Hobbies. What better time is there to practice your hobbies than an entire week off? After all, there’s always room to improve; instrument players can discover new songs, writers can research good plots, artists have plenty of time on their hands to practice their hobbies. After all, just last month was National Writing Month, where the goal was to write a certain amount of words daily for the entire month. Just the month before that, October, to some artists, was Goretober/Inktober — a drawing challenge where you have to draw a different theme daily, or do a different ink drawing daily. And coming up soon on February 11th is National Guitarist day, too! And if you’re someone who enjoys cooking, take the time out of your day to challenge yourself to make a gingerbread house of your own. So if you’re into that stuff, why not make the week off a challenge of your own to feed into your hobby?

6.  Puzzles. Free days are good times to challenge yourself to strategic things such as puzzles, riddles, etc. Not only does it help keep your mind sharp, but it could also be a fun way to stay at least a little on-task for when the break ends; you’ll have done something semi-productive that is an entertaining way to keep focused.

7. Arts and Crafts. National holidays are coming up like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. If you’ve got the tools and the time, you can make makeshift bird feeders, Christmas tree ornaments, paper snowflakes, makeshift dreidels, etc. And with plenty of time on your hands, it could be a fun contribution to the upcoming holidays.

8. Family activities. As in, go bowling, go for a hike, play a board game together. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Winter break is a perfect time to bond with your family and hang out together, especially with the holidays coming up quickly.

9. Donate. While looking through all your clothes and finding what you do or don’t want or need anymore may not be an appealing sounding thing to do over winter break, with the help of a family or a friend, you can get rid of the old and make space for the new. All the while, you’ll be helping someone who needs and can use the old clothes or items more than you can, and you could make their holiday break by doing so.

10. Holiday shopping. Holidays are coming up and it’s a time for gift-giving; go out with a friend or someone of your choice to help pick out presents for your friends, family, and go home and wrap them in the privacy of your own bedroom, or somewhere else secretive. Searching for things you or your family may like to have as a gift over the holidays and will love and appreciate is a great thing to do, and boxing and wrapping them and putting them away to not be found until the holidays is fun as well, because you get to decorate the box, hand-wrap it yourself, unbeknownst to the people you’re giving to. You have the element of surprise on your side — if the person you’re gifting to doesn’t know that you got them something, it’ll only make it all the more worthwhile when they actually receive their gift.

And there you have it — 10 things that you can do and enjoy yourself over the winter break. Some of them may not sound appealing to take time out of your day to do, but they’ll be worth it in the end. Hopefully your winter breaks aren’t repetitive or boring, but if they are, at the very least, now you have some fun ideas in case you’re in search of something to do this month. Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!

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