Clothing Hacks for the Cold

Stay warm with these clothing tricks.

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Clothing Hacks for the Cold

Jemima Kayumba, Contributor

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Time travels so quickly! January has arrived and we are already halfway through the school year. With the cold weather, people should most definitely prepare themselves. So, here are some clothing hacks for the cold that will help you stay warm for the rest of the winter.

Scarves are a great asset when winter finally comes around. It can be worn draped on shoulders or perhaps even wrapped around the neck. They can keep people warm while still looking fashionable and stylish.

It is also good to wear or at least bring a jacket to school in the wintertime. The weather could change very quickly. Even if it may be unusually warm in the morning, chances are that the temperature could drop twenty degrees before it is even noon.

Some students just feel differently when it comes to cold weather. One person may think that it’s cold at sixty degrees while others may think it is warm at forty degrees. Nonetheless, wearing an undershirt or some leggings under jeans may be the way to go. Layering is a good way to stay warm during the winter.

Finally, I hope that these hacks are taken to heart so that everyone can stay cozy this winter. As they say, better safe than sorry. So, go out into the world bundled up and ready to start your day without having to worry about getting frozen in the cold.

Photo Caption: A woman out in the cold holds her warm hot cocoa in a white mug, trying to keep her hands warm.

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