Movies in January

Learn about some movies coming to theaters in January.

Movies in January

Kat Kar, Contributor

January is the start of the new year of 2020, however, there are many things that happen in the month of January. In this new decade, TV shows and movies have come and gone, but now with the coming decade, new movies are coming out too. Many are either rated R or PG-13 but, there are a few PG movies too. 

Movies that are often deemed acceptable for teens are mainly PG-13. Sadly, there are only around three movies coming soon that are rated PG-13 for those allowed to watch them. “My Spy” is one of those many movies coming out soon in 2020 that is rated PG-13. It will come into theaters on January 9th, 2020. The other movie, however, is named “ASSASSIN 33AD” which is also PG-13. This movie comes into theaters on January 24th, 2020. 

So far there are only two confirmed movies coming out in the coming year and month since nothing will be released until around the month of May. As far as anything has confirmed the only two movies coming out in 2020 in January are rated PG-13 so be advised. 

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