Hailey Manzo: The Triplet

Hailey’s Thoughts on Being a Triplet

Melanie Furtado, Contributor

Hailey Manzo is one of the few triplets at Sig Rogich Middle School. She is the youngest sibling and has two older sisters. 

Every day, she is asked about being a triplet and has begun to get bored. She says, “basically every time we meet someone new, we get asked that.” Imagine every time you meet somebody new, they ask about what it’s like to be a sibling or what it’s like to be tall. After so many times you will get tired of explaining such a basic question. 

Besides the basic ‘are you a triplet’ question, Hailey has been asked some wildly interesting questions, she says the weirdest ones are, “how do you tell you’re you and not one of the other triplets,” and, “so you are three sets of twins?” She thinks these bizarre questions are funny but annoying due to their frequency. Repeatedly she is asked tiresome questions that seems to never end.

Although, being a triplet can be fun, she explains, “when we were little we had this language no one could understand but us.” They would sometimes speak in this ‘secret language’ to confuse their friends and family. Her sisters, Lexi and Sami, also attend Rogich, they are what some would call identical, while Hailey is fraternal. She is taller and looks slightly different from her sisters. She tells about how people often confuse her two siblings, “I often have to tell my friends that they are talking to Lexi not Sami, or vice versa. It’s always fun to see their reaction.”

Hailey repeatedly says that it is just like normal siblings. She explains if they get along, “just like any other siblings, yes and no.” She reiterated this point when asked if she wishes she was an only child, “sometimes, but I mean, don’t all siblings at one point?” She continuously says that it is normal to her, and that it’s just like anyone else. Lastly she tells, “again we are like other siblings. We just happened to be born at the same time.” She,  just like other triplets around the world, thinks that it is normal, just three girls born at the same time.

Hailey and her sisters adventuring out of state. (Left: Lexi, Right: Sami, Middle: Hailey)

Photo Credit: Hailey Manzo