The Unrecognized Holidays

Fun holiday’s throughout January.

The Unrecognized Holidays

Sydney Dunn, Contributor

Everyday there is some kind of national holiday. Whether it be National Pancake Day or even National Bathtub Party Day. There are so many holidays that just go by and nobody acknowledges. Although some of these holidays may seem like they have no purpose and that they are just there for no reason, people can still celebrate them. Some days also have multiple national holidays fall on them.

January 1st is New Year’s Day. It’s the day to make resolutions and change things you did not like about the previous year. It is a chance for you to start over; it is your second chance.

January 2nd is National Happy New Year for Cats. So, if you own a cat, tell them happy new year! The second is also National Buffet Day. Head on down to the nearest casino and enjoy an all you can eat buffet. That’s not all for the second; it is also National Science Fiction Day. So, pick up that science fiction book and read after a big buffet dinner. 

January 3rd is JRR Tolkien Day. He is the author of The Hobbit and was born on January 3rd. Although he passed away, he is still honored on this day every year.

January 4th is National Spaghetti Day, as well as National Trivia Day. So, get the whole family together to enjoy a nice spaghetti dinner and see how smart your family is.

January 5th is National Bird Day, National Whipped Cream Day, and National Cuddle Day. Sit outside and enjoy the birds chirping while enjoying a nice sundae with whipped cream. After, cuddle up with someone special or even just your family on the 5th.

January 6th is National Bean Day. Go to the store and get any kind of beans you can find. You can’t forget that it is also National Three Kings Day. It is the final celebration, and the last day of the 12 days of Christmas.

January 7th is National Bobblehead Day, as well as Elvis Presley’s Birthday. Take those bobbleheads out of their boxes and celebrate the king of rock’s birthday. This day only comes around once a year, so enjoy it while it’s here.

Make sure to stock up on bubbles before January 8th, else you won’t be able to celebrate the national holiday. It’s National Bubble Bath Day on the 8th.

January 9th is just around the corner. It’s time to get ready for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. So, start thanking lawyers, police, and other superheroes you know. If you don’t normally thank them for their service, the 9th is your chance.

 Get ready girls, because it is National Girl Hug Boy Day on January 10th. Girls, here is your chance to hug the boy you like, since most boys are too scared to do it.

National Rubber Ducky day is on its way. January 13th is the day to take a nice, long bath with a bright, yellow rubber ducky. You can’t forget that it is also National Sticker day! The perfect day to redecorate your Hydro Flask or anything that has or could have stickers.

January 15th is a day no one will ever forget. It is an American Federal holiday and marks Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. He shall always be remembered for the rights and freedoms he fought for.

You can’t forget about Michelle Obama’s birthday! It is on January 16, and although she was never a president, she is an important person in U.S. history.

January 19th is the day when you will have the perfect excuse to eat all the popcorn you want. It’s National Popcorn Day!

Even though Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday is on January 15th, MLK Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of January. It is the official day to thank him for all he did for our country.

January 25th is one weird messed up day because it’s Opposite Day! Be careful with what you say and do, as it might mean the opposite to someone else on this wacky day.

Even though there are plenty of days with national holidays that people may not observe, that does not mean that they are not still there. Just know that every day there is something to celebrate if you want too!



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