Let Your Creativity Shine

Some ways to show your creativity.

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Let Your Creativity Shine

Dulce Sanders, Contributor

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    Creative; a way of looking at problems from a new perspective that suggests solutions, which can look impossible at first. Being creative is something we all have in us, but some shine brighter than others with it. Don’t worry though, if you feel like you don’t use your creativeness as much there are multiple ways to make it shine. 





  1. Paint or Doodle 

Letting the pictures in your mind out will help you realize how you truly think. You can reflect on this and possibly use it in your life. Letting your mind go free with a piece of paper advances your creativeness, and who knows, you may create a masterpiece.


2. Take advantage of boredom 

Being bored is something we have all struggled with but there are ways to take advantage of this. When you’re bored instead of texting your friends or watching hours of videos, go outside and explore. Put down your screen will help you see the world which gives your mind a fresh outlook on life.


3. Listen to podcasts 

Listening to podcasts helps you get new points of views. The talker may give their point of view about a certain topic that you were thinking the opposite about. You can step out of the box which enhances your creative thinking.


4. Come up with more ideas 

When asked to give certain ideas, come up with as much as you possibly can. Go beyond the limit. This will help you to see every thought in your brain and you can even add onto those ideas. 


5. Make time to be wild!

Being normal is not to be creative. Standing out defines you. Make time to do what makes you happy despite what others say. 


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