The Amazing Series of Percy Jackson (Continuation)

A book review about the series “Percy Jackson”


Kaylee Vo, Contributor

Book 3: The Titan’s Curse

 Percy Jackson, a son of Poseidon, goes on an important mission with three other allies to spy on two powerful half-bloods. They face a dangerous monster along the way yet was saved by a certain group. Percy and the rest of them then returned to Camp Half-Blood and received a prophecy from the Oracle. Once again, they set out to rescue a missing goddess and a child of Athena. The five-faced many challenges and discovered that numeral ancient monsters were rising from the pit of Tartarus, including Kronos.


Book 4: The Battle of Labyrinth

Starting a new year like any other kid, everything was going fine for Percy Jackson until he was attacked by two demon cheerleaders. From there, events started taking a turn for the worst. As the days go by, more of Kronos’s army starts to infiltrate Camp Half-Blood. To stop them, Percy and his friends must embark on a quest down to the Labyrinth. They face threats with almost every turn they make and must succeed or else Olympus will perish. 


Book 5: The Last Olympian 

With Kronos’s army stronger than ever, everyone must prepare for the final battle. Having Typhon destroying the country, Olympus stays unguarded and it is up to Percy and his group of demigods and mystical creatures to protect it from the Lord of Time. They all faced many deaths and Percy has a feeling he might perish in battle as well. A prophecy is yet to be unfolded and the titans might possible take back what was once theirs. 



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