The Kind Mr. Kirkhart

The story behind Mr. Kirkhart, the newest addition to Rogich.

Lily McIntyre, Contributor

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Mr. Kirkhart is the newest addition to Sig Rogich Middle School as an assistant principal. He started in early December of 2019 and has been an assistant principal for ten years in total now. “Students and student learning inspired me to become an assistant principal, and I knew that as an administrator, I could positively impact the entire student body at my school.” He has worked at two schools as an assistant principal one was Becker Middle school and another was Western High School. Mr. Kirkhart loves being an assistant principal because, “I love the challenges and excitement of being an administrator.  I get to work with students, parents, and teachers to impact student learning, behavior, and mentor students as they move on to high school and post-secondary education.” His favorite part of his job is working with “both” teachers and students to impact their learning. “I started my teaching career at Sig Rogich. I taught 7th grade Science, advised the yearbook, NJHS, and coached girl’s basketball. When the opportunity came up to be at Rogich as an administrator it was like coming home.” He also enjoys being an assistant principal because, “Everyday I come to Rogich smiling, and I am so happy!”