How to play Field Hockey

The rules for field hockey.


Ethan Otto, Contributor

Field Hockey is a very popular sport in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Hong Kong, and the United States. There are 11 players on each team, including the goalie, there are two halves that are 35 minutes long. The teams consist of forwards, midfielders, defenders, and a goalie, the field is 91.4 meters long with two goals at the end of each side.  Field hockey is very similar to soccer, but instead of using your feet. you use a stick to move a small ball across the field into the goal. The objective of Field Hockey is to score more goals than your opponent by the end of the game.

Field Hockey is played around the world, it may not be as popular as Football, Soccer, or Basketball, but it is just as difficult. There are professional Field Hockey leagues around the world, there is even a field hockey world cup where all the best players in their country come and compete against other countries for the title of the best team in the world.


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