The Raw Food Diet

With the new year here many people want to start a diet. You can learn about this diet fad and how it effects people positively and negatively.


Anna Rampoldi, Contributor

Do you like sushi? Do you maybe eat raw vegetables every once in a while? Well imagine going on a diet where you can only eat uncooked, raw food. This means no carb, chicken, rice, and sweets. Though this diet is a healthy alternative to get away from things like fast food there are pros and cons that come along with this diet. 

Being on this diet obviously means that you can only eat certain foods. Some include dried fruits, raw nut butters, fresh fruits and vegetables, seaweed, raw nuts, and purified water. For some protein you can eat raw fish, meat, and eggs. To prepare meals like these dieters usually chop up and blend their meals. The only cooking that is used during this diet is with a dehydrator. This is just a machine that blows hot air through the food to kill things such as bacteria. With so few options on what you can eat it creates smaller meals meaning you may have less energy to get through the day. A regular day of eating would be,”breakfast: fruit with dehydrated seeds, snack: green smoothie, lunch: apple and nut salad, dinner: stuffed Portobello mushroom”. As you can see, this is not a lot to eat through the day. 

There are many things that are off limits when you are on the raw food diet so you have to be careful of what you eat. No coffee, tea, oils, table salt, sugar, flour, pasta, cooked, or processed foods are allowed. Dishes that you love will be cut off limits because of the restrictions that are made. Also, most of the protein you eat has to be cooked so that limits the amount of protein you can eat. Without protein, it will be hard to get through the day on high energy. 

There are many pros to going on this diet. First off, you will more easily be able to fight off diseases that could cause great harm in the future. This could be beneficial especially if you are known to get sick a lot. To add on, vitamins such as B and C that are destroyed during the cooking process will thrive when eating all of these raw foods. Many people say that this diet has brought them,”more energy, clearer skin, better digestion, weight loss, [and] a lower risk of developing heart and cardiovascular disease”. This all sounds great making many people want to try going on this diet. Only that most of these accusations are false.

Eating cooked food does not mean that it is unhealthy, in fact it is quite the opposite. When you cook things such as an egg, it kills the harmful bacteria that will cause illnesses like salmonella. This comes from eating uncooked eggs. There is a reason why people boil their water before they drink it in T.V. shows. Professionals say, “It’s a notification that advises to boil their tap water used for consumption because their water may be contaminated.” The same goes with foods like meat and chicken. That is why we cook them. You also may become much weaker on this diet. This is because of the small meals that you have. The most you would eat is probably a fresh salad and that is not a lot of fuel to help you get through the day.  

In my opinion, this diet is completely unnecessary. Being healthy does not mean eating no cooked food. It will run the risk of you catching some sort of a disease that could have been prevented by simply cooking the food. Although, I do think that it is a good idea for people to start eating more fresh foods. It will boost your vitamins and is a much healthier choice than something like a french fry. You don’t need to only eat raw food but for every meal having a little is a better idea.  

Overall, the raw food diet in all is a way to eat healthier by not eating any cooked foods. This diet is a very healthy alternative to junk food but its health risks should not be taken for granted. Viruses are serious and can spread. Energy is vital in order to get through you day. All in all, eating some fresh foods every meal is a better idea than going all out raw food. 



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