Jenny Craig Diet

A story about the Jenny Craig diet if it’s good and works.

Jenny Craig Diet

Nicholas Khurana, Contributor

The Jenny Craig diet is a structure and support program which delivers pre-packaged, low calorie meals and also offers support from consultants. The goal is to make weight loss easy and keep the weight off. It was founded in 1983 and started in the U.S in 1985. It was founded by Sidney and Jenny Craig. Some good reasons why are they offer weekly deliveries. They have many plans for certain types of people. Lastly, they lose an average of 1-2 pounds in the 2 week plan. Some reasons why it is bad. It is very expensive as a 2 week plan cost $326. Also, the food is frozen and must be heated up in the microwave. It is processed food and you are unable to eat out as it is strictly on those foods. It only provides short term weight loss and doesn’t have a big effect on your health as it is frozen and processed.

 The options for food in the diet are not the healthiest it may be low sugar and low fat. But it has a high amount of carbohydrates. They offer one on one consults and studies have proven lower blood sugar and improved heart health.  In my opinion I think this diet is not the best for people trying to lose weight. It is frozen food, very strict and processed foods. The diet will be better if you are trying to maintain your weight your weight instead of losing weight.


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