Eat Cookies Loose Weight?

You can lose weight by eating cookies every day. It;s called the Cookie Diet!

Eat Cookies Loose Weight?

Sydney Dunn, Contributor

What is the Cookie Diet? The name probably makes you think this is the best diet ever or does it make you think this is too good to be true. Well, the Cookie Diet is just like any other diet. There are pros and cons. A cost is involved, and not just money. There are long term

consequences. But, those things are true with any diet.

The Cookie Diet is a fad diet. It is designed to cause weight loss through meal replacements in the form of a specially made cookie.

To start, the Cookie Diet is a calorie reducing diet that is used to lose weight. When on the Cookie Diet, you are ordered to eat four to six cookies for breakfast and lunch every day. Then, either a frozen dinner, or a light home cooked meal, that has protein. It can include fish or meat and vegetables. Dinner should be 500-700 calories. Your meals won’t vary from day to day all that much.

Just like any other classic diet. there are pros and cons to the Cookie Diet. If you use the Cookie Diet one is pro is that you most likely will lose weight, but this is not guaranteed. You will lose 10 to 15 pounds a month, and you will not have hunger pains. Weight loss is the goal people shoot for when on the cookie diet, so these are the largest benefits. Although it would be nice if there were no cons and only pros to the cookie diet, that is not the case. Some people need more food and nutrients than others, so some people don’t get enough of that with the Cookie Diet; a potentially serious problem. The diet restricts its users from eating fruit, whole grains, and fiber. This causes dieters to not gain enough nutrients which can cause many health problems, such as heart disease. Your metabolism also slows, so it becomes extremely hard for you to burn calories. Even if you stop the Cookie Diet, it will still take time for your metabolism to go back to normal.

The cookies that are mainly used for the Cookie Diet are not normal chocolate chip cookies you would buy at the store. They are made up of secret ingredients. The cookies are expensive. Smart for Life is a company that sells them for $75 for a two week supply. Although the Cookie Diet may sound cheap and easy, the cookies required are costly and many different health problems could occur.

Many diets have long term effects or simply should not be used over long periods of time because they will lose their effect. The cookie diet is not either of those types of diets. You can stay on it for as long as you choose. Whether it be two months or two years is up to you. This does not mean that there are not other long term effects. The cookies alone are low in fiber and have high amounts of saturated fat. The cookies required for the diet do not provide enough protein. The diet does not allow you to eat fruit even though they are healthy and important to have a healthy body. The cookie diet is not nutritionally accurate because you do not get enough protein or fruit.

It can also raise the risk of heart disease. Although a person who only consumes 800 calories a day will lose weight, it is not a good and healthy way to do so. 

Every diet that has been around for a decent amount of time has a history, but what is the history of the Cookie Diet? In 1975, Sanford Seigal created his own type of cookies that would later become famous. They were originally used to help patients at his Miami, Florida medical practice, Siegal Medical Group. The cookies were supposed to control hunger and help patients stick to their reduced calorie diet. Even today, Dr. Siegal makes every batch of his cookies with his own hands at his private bakery. 

Personally, I do not think that it is a smart idea to use the cookie diet as a way to lose weight. Based off of what I have learned, the Cookie Diet seems to have more cons than pros, especially since there are many other more effective ways of losing weight. Many of them cause less problems than the Cookie Diet, yet have the same, if not better, results. I would prefer to use a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables that will give me energy. When I eat healthier, I feel ready for the day.  But when I eat cookies, I want to go home and take a nap. Therefore, I am against the Cookie Diet.


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