The Ketogenic diet

Facts about the ketogenic diet

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The Ketogenic diet

Brooke Silon, Contributor

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 The Ketogenic diet is where you get more calories and fat from protein instead of carbohydrates. You can’t have carbs that are easy to digest. The foods that you shouldn’t eat on this diet is sugar, soda, pastries, and white bread. Peter Richard Huttenlocher is the founder of Ketogenic diet, he thought it was a good because you get more protein and carbohydrates by meal planning. They would use the Ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy in the 1920s, but came more in use by the 1970s.

     The Ketogenic diet helps out in many ways. It has proven to help the health conditions of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The pros of the Ketogenic diet is a good way to lose weight fast and easy, helps with health conditions, helps you kick the bad sugar habit that many people have, helps with acne.  here are also very many cons like it’s easy for people to eat unhealthy fats, they don’t have much long-term effect research done, might get kidney stones.

     When doing Keto you can only have a few specific things like breakfast you can have 2 fried eggs with greens. Lunch you may have a grass-fed burger topped with vegetables. Last but not least for dinner, you can make pork chops with green beans. A lot of the meals that you eat on the Keto diet tend to have a lot of vegetables on the plate. 

     They don’t have much information on the long-term effects, but some they do know is that it can damage blood vessels, can give a risk of chronic disease, and when taking a break can make you gain all the weight you had lost. These are important because you might spend all that time trying to make your body look better and feel better, but sometimes you can get the fat back or get sick from this diet.


     I personally think that the Ketogenic diet is something to consider if you are good to stick to diets and wanna lose weight fast. Before starting the diet maybe you should do more research on what the bad fats are so you don’t consume many of those. Overall I think if you do the diet smart and you are happy with the changes with the diet, then stick with it. 





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