Slim Fast Diet

Insight on the long term effects of this fad diet.


Ana Belen Ponce Calvillo, Contributor

The Promise of the SlimFast Diet

The Slimfast of today differs from the one you may remember: No longer is there shakes alone. The authentic plan guarantees you can lose weight with delicious and savory snacks, replacements for meals, and one reasonable meal a day. With the Slimfast plan, it is promised that you can devour two Slimfast meal replacements, three 100-calorie snacks, like snack bars (provided by the company), fruits, veggies, and nuts, and one 500-calorie meal that you, the consumer, provides. With this seemingly perfect plan, it is possible to eat six times per day. The program says you may burn a safe one to two pounds per week with this strategy. They also provide products referred to as Slimfast Advanced Nutrition that provide high-protein meal-alternative shakes or smoothies with much less sugar than many other brands provide. They are advertised to have greater protein than the original Slimfast products of the past. The advanced plan also offers 100-calorie snacks and meal substitute bars.


The History of the SlimFast Diet

The Slimfast company is well known for selling and advertising its diet products throughout the world for many years, including the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Founded in 1977 as a product for the Thompson Medical sandwich served on white ceramic plate with cup of coffeeCompany, created in the 1940s by means of S. Daniel Abraham, Slimfast grew rapidly within the 1980s due to several successful advertising attempts and began providing celebrities like Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda with products. Again, the agency was spun off from Thompson Medical Corporation. Slimfast had a greater effect on the nation in the 1990s when it officially became a corporation. Following the excessive protein, low carbohydrate, weight loss program craze that swept the United States in 2003, Slimfast has been compelled to reconsider its product strategy and has since then, created Slimfast Advanced Nutrition.


The Cost of the Slimfast Diet

Although a seemingly perfect way to burn calories,  the Slimfast diet, like all diets, comes with a price tag. Slimfast merchandise is offered in grocery stores, warehouses, and drugstores almost everywhere. At many online discount grocers, a 30-day delivery of six packing containers of meal bars, five packing containers of snack bars and 32 shake mixes cost $75, plus shipping. “A five-pack of meal bars run about $4.88, a six-pack of snack bars is $3.25, and eight bottles of pre-made shakes are $9.88, and a carton of protein powder shake mix is $8” (Moninger 18).


Pros and Cons of the Slimfast Diet


  • An effective way to lose weight and maintain such weight loss
  • Meals are about 1,600 calories a day
  • Puts the consumer in a calorie restriction
  • Reduces LDL cholesterol
  • Easily accessible
  • Less expensive than other companies
  • Portion controlled
  • Easy to follow


  • Not hitting the daily 2,000 calories mark which can bean unhealthy choice for consumers
  • It’s not good to rely on processed foods for a nutritional diet
  • Makes you lose overall body weight, not just body fat
  • The food is heavily processed
  • Does not teach healthy eating skills, like portion control, calorie counting, or low-calorie cooking
  • No face-to-face support with a doctor or a nutritionist
  • Does not benefit most consumers and may have side-effects
  • Still very costly


Long Term Consequences

Weight loss, in general, can have a variety of slight side effects a few of which might be dizziness, headaches, abnormally cold feelings, bloating, diarrhea, intense hunger, abnormal discomfort, and frequent tiredness. Most of Image result for slim fast shakes"these effects are caused by the minimal intake of nutrients, instead, sugar and chemicals. These sometimes become long-term side effects. However, in normal cases, they do not last very long, and headaches and dizziness may be calmed through drinking enough water. Also, this diet can leave people very hungry as they eat very little each day. Serious aspect results are normally a result of fast weight loss and rarely occur with the proper use of the products. Some users of the diet report hair loss, low blood pressure, and high glucose levels, which all can be long-term. The Slim-Fast weight loss plan coordinates all of your calories for you. You best have to choose one meal and the program presents recipes for you on its website, The best weight loss methods show permanent modifications to your body and consuming habits. Following the Slim-Fast weight-reduction plan does not educate you to select meals from each food category for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will no longer learn how many calories you need to be eating at some stage in the day and how to break them up into every meal. When making a decision to prevent the eating habit, you could enjoy weight benefit as you increase your energy each day. In addition, you may start to eat the foods you crave which you were avoiding even as following a strict eating diet plan. This may purpose extra weight advantage and binge eating.


Recommendation of the Product

In the final analysis, while researching this product’s fad diet, it can be concluded that although there may be minor effects of the diet, the overall encouraging weight loss program can be no less than beneficial to many. I would sincerely recommend this diet to others. The diet might face some complications, however, if handled and used correctly, the data shows the costly diet is worth it.


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