Classroom Rules

Original Rogich Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

Nicole Reed, Contributor

Rogich has many rules that refer to the classroom. These rules could help you become very respectful and allow you to do well in your classes. Rules are something that you should follow because if not you could get in a lot of trouble for breaking some rules.

Here are some rules from the poster in your classrooms: Rogich Ready

  1. Classroom ready- this means you should be prepared for class every day
  2. Scholar ready-  you should always have a positive attitude when at school
  3. Respect ready- at all times be respectful to others 
  4. Agenda ready- should have agenda with you everyday 
  5. On time ready- should be in class, sat when the bell rings. Have all work turned in when your teacher tells you too. No late work is allowed 
  6. Chromebook ready-make sure that your Chromebook is charged and in class every single day
  7. Cell phone never ready- cell phones should always be in your locker, phones should never be out and visible to teachers. 

This could help you in many different ways. You should read this and take it to memory. Maybe now start showing this rules you could get better grades.  

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