National Nutella Day

Yes, it’s an actual holiday


Rachel Carney, Contributor

Nutella was first introduced as ‘Nutella’ to Italy in 1964 and created in the 1940s by Pietro Ferrero, who wanted to create a cheap alternative to chocolate, which, because of World War II, was short in supply at the time. It was created with hazelnut and cocoa to form the chocolatey and loved spread that it is today. The word ‘Nutella’ comes from combining the Latin suffix for sweet- ‘ella’- and the English word ‘nut’ (since it was partially created with hazelnut). In 1978, Nutella had placed its first plant in Australia.

In 2014, Nutella had its 50th anniversary. And for many following years, Italian shops would offer free spreads of it to the children who came with slices of bread. And with the amount of it that was produced in 2013, you could cover the entire Earth 1.4 times. Finally, starting in 2015, every 2.5 seconds worldwide, a jar of Nutella would be sold somewhere.

Nutella has quite a backstory and is loved and appreciated worldwide— so much so that it even earned itself a minor holiday! While it’s no day off, it’s still a cute idea and a fun thing to celebrate… So on February 5th, you can celebrate it yourself, in some of these following ways:

➣ Create or incorporate Nutella into a recipe! Nutella is delicious and can go well with a lot of things. Why not experiment and incorporate it into one of your own? Plenty of people have experimented around with Nutella ‘recipes’ and there were some delicious results! The Nutella day website even has an inspiration gallery when it comes to makingbaked bread on white ceramic saucer your own recipes with the delicious chocolate spread.

➣ Be creative! Some people go as far as to write a song or poem in honor of Nutella. It sounds cheesy and kind of stupid, but who knows? It may be fun! It doesn’t have to be good, as long as you have fun with it.

➣ Enjoy your Nutella somewhere interesting or outside. Maybe take the time to go on a picnic, or to the park, just somewhere interesting. Outdoor activities and fun picnics can be made much better with Nutella!

➣ Gift Nutella to some of your loved ones. While it may seem like a lame gift, many people would agree that it would not be disappointing if they received a jar full of delicious, chocolatey spread.

And so, of course, how did this weird holiday even become what it is in the first place? Well, believe it or not, it was started solely by a single American Blogger, named Sara Rosso, who loved Nutella so much she thought it was even deserving of its own holiday. And Nutella fans loved it! Worldwide, international fans of the brand came together and shared their love via social media, messages, and photographs.baked pastry and sliced kiwi fruit

Sara has single-handedly started a minor worldwide holiday entirely dedicated to Nutella on February 5, 2007. It is now often recognized as a minor holiday and it even has own website! Sara also forwarded the information about Nutella day to the creators of Nutella, Ferrero, in 2015, causing it to grow and evolve even more in future years.

Weird as the concept of this holiday may be, it can still be fun and entertaining. So feel free to spread the word! You can update social media statuses, send out messages, make celebratory posts; it doesn’t matter how you do it.

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate, or if you even do. The history of Nutella and its dedicated holiday are interesting, and it could be a lot of fun to celebrate, even if in a minor way. However you do choose to celebrate, though, just make sure that you have fun with it!

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