Honoring National Women’s Inventors Day

Five Female Inventors and Inventions


Jemima Kayumba, Contributor

     Many people may not know that February is more than just African American History Month. This month actually has a day dedicated to female inventors, called National Women’s Inventors Day. In honor of that, here is a little something about five inventions and their female creators.

  1. The Dishwasher- Josephine Cochrane (1886)

After making the dishwasher Josephine Cochrane got her invention patented and advertised it in several newspapers which interested many hotels and restaurants. Though sales with individual buyers were low at first, in the 1950s, the machine’s popularity increased very quickly.

  1. Life raft- Maria Beasley (1880)

Maria Beasley invented her life raft with guard railings and metal floats that made it much safer than any other designs. Before her design, all others did not work nearly as well as hers.

  1. Globes- Ellen Fitz (1875)

Ellen Eliza Fitz was actually an American author that wrote two books about her amazing invention. The terrestrial globe that she invented in 1875 is now on display at the Museum of American History.

  1. Ice cream maker- Nancy Johnson (1843)

This inventor made the first ever hand-cranked freezing machine which she patented in the same year she created it, making her final tweak to it on September 9th. She sold it off to people for a very low price but it was regularly used for several years.

  1. Electric refrigerator- Florence Parpart (1914)

There is not much known about Florence Parpart other than the records of her invention and patent applications. Because she was already an experienced businesswoman, the inventor had no problem selling her electric refrigerator.

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