Spanish with Kaylee

A quick Q&A with Kaylee Ludtke About Spanish


Melanie Furtado, Contributor

Kaylee is a seventh grader at Rogich, and she has decided to take Spanish as her elective. When asked why, she explains, “it is a[n excellent] language to know, and it’s well-known.” She started the class, excited to see what the fuss was about, and she hasn’t been disappointed. Kaylee adds, “It is fun to see the similarities between English and Spanish.” Some words mean the same in both languages, like how you say ‘no,’ ‘drama,’ or ‘actor’ in both Spanish and English. Personally, she believes, that the funniest word is ‘Tenis,’ “ ‘Tenis’ is the weirdest word because it’s ‘tennis,’ without an ‘n.’ “=]


Although Kaylee likes the language, she says, “I would rather speak English [forever].” She knows English well and wants to keep it as her primary language, but she still thinks that speaking Spanish is a helpful trait to have. “It is an eight and a half [out of 10],” Kaylee thinks that the language isn’t as good as English, but she loves the class itself.  “It is an amazing class, it is helpful [to know], the people are [delightful], and the teacher is great.” 


Kaylee would sum it up as, “A great class and you will have [loads of] fun!” She loves the people, and the teacher, and thinks it is an awesome class.


Photo Credit: Melanie Furtado

Kaylee with a sombrero on during Spanish.