February Books Of All

Do you know all the books coming out in February?


Kat Kar, Contributor

Everyone knows that the month of February is all about love. I guess that’s why it’s called the season of love, however, there are many people don’t know that good books come out in February. Many authors made many books coming out this month. So that there has to be a top 5-10 list right. Correct, and if you’re a bookworm looking for the newest books here’s the place. 

  1. “The Gravity of Us” by: Phil Stamper

The main character Cal meets a sensitive and mysterious Leon, who is also a “Astrokid” and finds himself falling heads over heels for the boy. However as a frenzy mission grows so does the two’s connection. What will happen when secrets are revealed and truths must be told. 

Note that this book does contain LGBTQ material. 

  1. “Ember Queen” by: Laura Sebastian

Read the final book in the Ash Princess Trilogy. Princess Theodosia was her own countries prisoner for the last decade. Theodosia was renamed the Ash Princess, and she received major abuse. She’s the rightful heir to the kingdom, and learned that a Queen doesn’t need a crown and never cowers. Read more in this trio. 

  1.  “Ink in the Blood” by: Kim Smejkal

Celia and her best friend, Anya Burtoni follow a religion called Profeta. Using a certain kind of magic both the girls tattoo their followers with beautiful images that help represent their religion. These tattoos are considered a noble calling, however after 10 years in their servitude the find out the truth. Read more about Celia and Anya’s story in Ink in the Blood. 

  1.  “The Sound of Stars” by: Alechia Dow

Seventeen-year-old Janelle Baker survives in New York City deemed dangerously volatile because of an invasion. Anything that involves creative expression is illegal. Janelle “Ellie” however keeps a secret library and doesn’t want anyone to find out.  Learn more about Ellie’s everlasting story.  

  1. “What Kind of Girl” by: Alyssa B. Sheinmel

All the girls at North Bay Academy decide to take sides. It all started when the Mike Parker’s girlfriend had a bruise on her face and said it was Mike. The others have questions though, like why the principal was told and not police about this entire ordeal. The main question is, Is it all true. 

  1. “Solstice” by: Lorence Alison

Adri won an all expense paid trip to a Solstice Festival. She wanted to live a little before the “first day of the rest of her life”. However, her plans changed when teen partiers arrived and let’s say the island wasn’t what anyone expected. Read more about this book in Solstice.

  1.  “Twisted Fates” by: Danielle Rollins

In New Seattle as far as anyone knows Dorothy has vanished. In Dorothy’s place Quinn Fox who’s silver-haired and vicious. A stowaway named Ash can’t help but look for the lost girl. As Ash meets new friends on her journey earthquakes threaten to bring down their home for good. Will they stop Quinn and find Dorothy or will New Seattle fall to the ground. 

 Photo and Source Credit: https://www.goodreads.com/book/popular_by_date/2020/February