“Wendy” the Movie Everyone has been Waiting for

Buckle your seatbelts we are going on a wild ride. Peter Pan is back, but with a twist!

Wendy the Movie Everyone has been Waiting for

Kaylee Yakish, Contributor

    Everyone knows the movie “Peter Pan,” the movie we all watched over and over as a child, and the wonderful Neverland, where children don’t age and magical creatures live. We’ve all dreamed of living in Neverland as a child; 67 years after the movie was released in 1953, another movie of Peter Pan is going to be released, but with a little bit of a twist.            

    The movie is called “Wendy” and focuses on Wendy’s perspective in Peter Pan. Everything you can expect from the Peter Pan fable should be here, along with a few new surprises. “Lost on a mysterious island where aging and time has come unglued, Wendy must fight to save her family, her freedom, and the joyous spirit of youth from the deadly peril of growing up” states IMDb.com. People are excited for the film since the director of the story is Benh Zeitlin, and was nominated for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. The main character, Wendy, would be played by Devin France, who said she was very exited for the premiere of “Wendy”. This movie is highly anticipated and will premiered on February 28th. Don’t miss it!

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