The Loveable Mrs.Levering

An interview with Mrs. Levering one of the counselors at Sig Rogich Middle School

Nicholas Khurana, Contributor

Ms.Levering is one of the four counselors at Sig Rogich Middle School. Ms.Levering started off as a teacher in California where she is from. She moved to Vegas in 2000 right when the city was just starting. She found many opportunities as a teacher. She was a teacher for 8 years and taught 3rd grade and 6th grade math. She soon realized she wanted to teach in smaller groups. She decided to become a counselor to help students individually. She does many things as a counselor and her favorite thing as a counselor is, “Seeing my students grow and develop and sometimes I see sixth graders come in and their upset about their grades and then seeing them in eighth grade doing really well and seeing them come through far is really rewarding,” she says.

 At one point she wanted to be a nurse as she loves helping people. One of the toughest challenges she faces is trying to motivate students that really don’t care that much and she also tries to help them out! She attended California State University and she later went to Phoenix to get her masters. She has 2 kids and she loves to spend time with them. She concludes the interview saying,”I love Rogich! I enjoy working here, the teachers are wonderful and I just enjoy coming here daily.”