How to decorate for Valentine’s Day

Fun ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day

How to decorate for Valentines Day

Dulce Sanders, Contributor

Valentine’s day is a fun day that almost everyone celebrates. Here are some ways to make your Valentine’s Day extra special…

    Valentine Pink Drinks

These pink drinks are a fun way to bring the valentine spirit into something as simple as a cup

Step 1: grab your favorite transparent cup (of any material)

Step 2: add water to the cup, and then add red dye

Step 3: stir 

Step 4: add stickers, glitter, etc, to the cup to finish of decoration 

Step 5: drink!


How to decorate Valentine’s  Cookies

Baking regular sugar cookies wouldn’t fit into the Valentine day spirit, so add a little color…

Step 1: find a sugar cookie recipe and follow the instructions, but add red or pink food coloring to it (a recipe you could use: sugar cookies ) 

Step 2: before you put them into the oven, shape then into heart form

Step 3: decorate the cookie with valentine color’s icing any way you like. Get creative!


        Line of hearts

This is a fun and simple way to decorate any room in  your house without having to do a lot of work

Step 1: grab red pieces of construction paper and cut them into red hearts

Step 2: get a couple of clips and a string of yarn

Step 3: attach the yarn to the clips, then the read hearts

Step 4: hang them up anywhere you want 


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