Tips On How To Make Your Online School Experience Better

Use these tips to help make a great school year online.


Joahn Todorov, Contributor

  1. Treat your online class like you’re in the actual classroom, it helps you focus on your classwork and listen to your teachers and what they are trying to teach you.
  2. Create your own space to learn, this space should be organized, quiet, and just comfortable while learning and doing your work.
  3. Always manage your time successfully so you don’t get missing assignments and just keep yourself reminded about the due dates.
  4. Keep any distractions away from where you are learning so you can focus on class and just get better and better grades to succeed in the school year. 
  5. Never feel like you’re alone during school so if you need help from your teacher you can always ask them, that’s what teachers are supposed to do.
  6. Practice your school interactions and memorize the school schedule so you can talk better with your classmates and teachers, the benefit of memorizing the school schedule is to be ready and know when your next class starts.


Photo Credit: Julia M. Cameron