Adoption and Fostering Rates are Soaring in Numbers!

Some Good News for Those Animal Lovers!


Quarantine has been a long, hard few months for everyone, with not being able to see friends, and not being able to go school, life has been boring. Over this time period, people have found a way to entertain themselves with pets! There are so many people fostering and adopting animals this year, that there are now “waiting lists that go into 2021” explains, “Dog adoptions and sales soar during the pandemic” by Kim Kavin. Adults with kids have been more likely to adopt this time around, since their kids have nothing to do, explains the article above. This year alone adoption rates have gone up 8%. 

Since people can’t actually go into shelters, multiple adoption agencies are bringing the shelter to you. Like in school, they too are using the well known app zoom. As you would do normally, you go onto their website and choose the dog you would like and this time around you get a call with your new pet on the other line. 

You may ask if they are taking the necessary precautions, and the answer is “Yes”! When you go to get your furry new friend they are prepared with masks and gloves. As a new rule they will not go closer than 5ft to you. Even through these harsh times, there is always gold at the end of the rainbow and for these new life long friends this is the best year yet!

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