The Amazing Alexis Lerz

Alexis Lerz is a very intellectual girl who has a lot of likes and dislikes.


Brielle Brown, Contributor

Alexis Lerz is a 12-year-old, seventh grade student at Sig Rogich Middle School. When asked what her opinion was on online school she said, “I don’t like online school because you don’t get to see your friends in person during classes and lunch. It’s different because you don’t get to talk to your friends that much”. 

When asked what she likes and dislikes, she stated “I like volleyball because it is a fun sport, dogs because they are so cute, and social media especially TikTok.  My dislikes are tomatoes because they are gross, cats because they can get very creepy, and school.” 

Another question was what did she want to do for her life, She said “I want to go to college to be a volleyball player and grow up to be a volleyball player because I really like volleyball.”