California wildfires

California wildfires are causing havoc and destroying land and property.


Grace Perkins, Contributor

The California wildfires have retaliated! There are more than 100 million acres in California. This is causing smoke to travel into Las Vegas, which has affected our sports, tourism, and daily activities in the outdoors. Also, Las Vegas was busy when the wildfires first started around Labor Day weekend. Tons of people were celebrating outdoors and the smoke could have affected some people such as the elderly, or anybody with respiratory issues. These could be considered minor problems when compared to the devastation the wildfires are causing in California. More than 14,000 houses have been burnt down. Also, acres of green land have been destroyed and turned into ashes. Good thing there are men and women of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection who are putting out over 20 million acres of fire.


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