The Spectacular Mrs. McLeish

The exciting life of a reading teacher.


Brielle Brown, Contributor

Mrs. Mcleish is a Reading teacher here at Rogich Middle School. Mrs. Mcleish went to high school in New York, she also grew up in New York. She went to Brigham Young University for undergraduate school in Provo, Utah. She received her master’s degree in education from the Sierra Nevada College. 

When asked what is her opinion or favorite thing about distance learning or online school she stated, “I love being able to get to know my kids better than I have the opportunity to when we are in a classroom. In the classroom setting, I can’t ask someone to push their mute button! So in many ways, we have more disruptions in person than we do in an online setting. It’s fun to do classroom polls and ask students to answer questions in the chat. I feel like there is more “safety” in saying things online without the pressure of having all eyes turn to you when you are answering a question. Online school gives many of my otherwise quiet students more confidence to speak up!”

When asked when she started teaching and how many years she stated “I started teaching 10 years ago as a substitute teacher while I was a PTA president. At that time I thought that I might as well teach since I was at school all the time anyway. That was when I fell in love with teaching, and I’ve never looked back. Prior to teaching, I was in real estate sales and asset management. Since I began teaching, work is much more fun than it used to be!”

When asked what she likes and dislikes she stated “I like chocolate way too much, and I really do not care for brussel sprouts. Beyond that, I love my family (my husband, 6 kids, and one son-in-law), my two dogs, my cat, and our 8 chickens. I also love beekeeping. Nature and the outdoors are splendid, and truly, I believe that my “inner farmer” needs to come out someday!”

When asked have you always wanted to be a teacher she said “In college I had a moment of truth when as an English major, I questioned, “What am I going to do with this degree? Teach? (Insert big belly laugh here!) I really never saw myself as a teacher until I had my first child and realized that teaching comes naturally to me. Since volunteering at my daughter’s school, I realized that good teachers make a difference in kids’ lives, and being a good teacher is what I want to do, for as long as I can.