About Election Day!

How Election Day Works


November 3, 2020, is election day, this is the day that will determine who our president for the next four years will be. The main candidates for this year’s election will be current President Donald J. Trump and Joe R. Biden. The future president is decided through the votes the citizens make, but to be able to vote you need to be 18 years or older.  

There are many different ways to vote, you can mail your vote, go in person, or do it digital. Many people even do early voting, which usually starts around October 17.  Voting takes place usually in schools and normally Rogich would be one of them, but since we just had a deep clean we are not having anyone vote in it, the good news is they are still giving us the day off.

A big part of the process are the poll workers, they are the front-line workers during the elections. They check in voters, operate voting machines, and help anyone with any questions. This year they were short on poll workers, leading them to more advertising to get the help they need. The majority of votes a president gets isn’t the vote that decides who the president will be. In the article, How Many Electoral Votes Does a Candidate Need to Win? by Melissa Kelly, it explains that not only do the candidates need to get a majority vote, but need to have the most Electoral College votes. There are 538 possible Electoral votes but at least 270 votes are needed. When they tally up all the votes they will announce our new president. All though Election Day is not that exciting for kids our age, it is a very important day and is to be taken very seriously.


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Article credits: https://www.thoughtco.com/electoral-votes-nee

ate%20needs%20more,Therefore%2C%20a%20candidate%20needs%20270%20votes%20to%20win By Melissa Kelly



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