Three Fun Thanksgiving And Fall Crafts

Simple crafts for you to enjoy during the holidays.

November 2, 2020


It’s fall, the weather is nice, the days are shorter, and the crafts get better. There are so many crafts to choose from but here are three: a gratitude garland, a CD disk coaster, and a pumpkin board. 

For the first craft, the gratitude garland, you will need, paper of any color, scissors, glue, and string. The first thing you’ll want to do is cut your pieces of paper so that they look like strips, but make sure not to make them too wide or too skinny. You want to cut them with enough space to write. Next, you’re going to want to cut the bottom and top of the strips so that they look like ribbons.  Then, you’re going to write what you are grateful for on the bottom of the strip of paper.  After that, you will fold the strips in half so that both the top and bottom line up with each other, make a crease in the middle and unfold them.

Then, you will put the string on the crease that you just folded and glue the string down. After that you will fold the strips back over with the string inside and glue both sides on the inside together.  After repeating those steps as many times as you want you wait for it to dry and hang it up.

For the next craft, the cd disk coasters, you will need a CD disk, paint, modge podge, and paint brushes. First you’re going to need to grab as many CD’s as you would like to paint. Next you are gonna need to take your paint of any fall color or color of your choice and paint the front and back of the CD. If you don’t have paint you can take glue and cover the CD in any color paper you would like. Next, you are gonna need to take your paint and paint on any thanksgiving or fall design that you want on the front of the CD. If you use paper you can draw your design in marker or crayon. Lastly, if you use paint you’re gonna use the modge podge and put it on the CD over your design so it doesn’t get scratched when you put a glass on it. 

For the last craft, pumpkin board, you will need paper, cardboard, string, a pencil, scissors, and glue. First you’re going to need to take your cardboard and draw a couple pumpkins on the cardboard and cut them out. You can draw on them if you would like but you don’t have to. Then, you are going to wrap your string around the stem of the cardboard pumpkin and tie a bow. After that, you will glue the pumpkins on the piece of paper. You can also use a wooden board. Lastly you can hang it up or put it wherever. 


Those are some crafts that you can do with friends and family. These crafts are super simple, cheap, and fun. There are so many different fun and exciting ways to do these crafts.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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