Things to do during Thanksgiving

Make Your Thanksgiving Fun


Joahn Todorov, Contributor

What you can do during Thanksgiving


  • First of all, you can make a pile of leaves in your own backyard and just jump into it and just have fun with it, you can do it alone or with friends, it’s a very simple idea that’s easy to do.
  • Secondly, you can prank one of your family members by putting milk and raw cinnamon in their coffee to make the drink look like¬†red flower in green plant pota pumpkin spice latte, and once one of your parents drinks it they’re going to be confused on how their latte is spicy.
  • Something else you can do that’s pretty clich√© is to spend time with the family and just be thankful for everything you have now.
  • Finally, help with the food because it is very hard for the adults to cook so much food for friends and family coming over.

Photo credit: Dex Ezekiel