The Lovable Mrs. Lambeth

Rider Spotlight- Mrs. Lambeth


Rowyn Johnson, Contributor

Mrs. Lambeth is an eighth grade English teacher here at Rogich. She has been teaching for about 31 years! Her favorite thing about teaching is “Hands down, my favorite part of teaching is my students!!!!! I love watching them grow and change over time.”  With Christmas around the corner we are all hoping it doesn’t compare the rest of the year and hopefully we can end this year on a good note! With that said here are some of Mrs. Lambeth’s favorite holiday activities. 

When asked about her favorite family Christmas traditions she replied with, In my family we have a traditional Christmas Eve family party.  We eat, sing songs, and have a white elephant gift exchange which in my family is hilarious. At the end of the night we pass out gifts from a giant stocking to each family member.  This tradition was started by my grandma and continues to this day.  It was even the focus of a newspaper article in the 1980’s.” That sounds like so much fun!

I think we can all agree the best part of the holiday season is the movies. Here are some of Ms. Lambeth’s favorites, “Elf”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Home Alone” one and two, “Christmas Vacation”, and many more. Those are all great picks.

When asked about Mrs. Lambeth’s favorite Christmas activities, she replied with, “I love to decorate for the holidays and I put up three full sized trees.  I love to make my house festive and fun.  I like to go and look at the lights around the neighborhood.  When I lived in California, I loved to attend the Newport Harbor Boat parade with my family.”  Wow she seems to go all out!

Another plus side about the holiday season is the sweet treats and Mrs. Lambeth sure thinks so too. “ Mrs. Powley, a former Rogich teacher, makes the best dipped chocolates.  I hope she sees this article.  LOL! I also enjoy homemade candy.” Those both sound amazing. I think we all agree Christmas time has a lot to offer, and is an overall great time year round with festivities and family.


Info Credit: Mrs. Lambeth

Photo Credit: Mrs. Lambeth