Winter Travel Destinations Around The World

Take a trip to some of these top winter destinations


Ayiana Gonzalez, Contributor

December is the time to bring out the infamous holiday movies with joy about the Christmas season, go ice skating, and even drink hot chocolate. Christmas movies have a big part on how people feel Christmas should look, and what do all these movies have in common? They all have the magical fluffy snow and the Christmas trees that look like they could reach the sky. Living in Las Vegas that stereotypical Christmas weather barely happens and when it does it’s one in a couple years. Taking a trip near Christmas is very much common all around the world. This might not be the best year to travel but for future references these are the top places to visit if you want the whole package of Christmas wonderland. 

If you’re trying to stay inside of the United States:

  •  Anchorage, Alaska- The snowy mountains and cold weather make it the ideal Christmas destination. The trees have the right amount of snow to make it look soft. If you stay in a cabin you can wake up to the beautiful view of the sky.


  • Colorado- Has many cities that would fulfill the dream of being in a Christmas movie. For example, there is Aspen Colorado, Breckenridge, Colorado, and Denver, Colorado, plus many more. The rocky mountains filled with snow makes the perfect Christmas scene, where you can sled down the mountains and hopefully not get hurt.


  • New York City- Many Christmas films are based in New York, so it’s no surprise it’s included in this list. Unlike Colorado, it doesn’t have the peaceful scenery. It’s known for its freezing weather, so if you come here make sure to pack warm clothes.

If you want to go outside of the United States:

  • Lapland, Finland-  The monumental older looking towers give Finland that spice, it’s a great place to just walk around and enjoy the view while drinking hot chocolate. The snow makes it look just like a fairy tale and that perfect holiday movie, it was even given the name “Santa’s Village” because it’s said that Santa lives there. If you come here at a certain time there may be a chance that you may see the northern lights.


  • Canada-  Similar to Colorado, Canada has many cities there’s, Whistler, Canada, Montreal, Canada, Banff, Canada, etc. Each of these cities are all a little bit different but have the overall effect of the snowy season, it’s sure to be the come to life winter wonderland. It almost looks fake in pictures with its snow that lays flat and the houses with lights making it look like an elf village from far away. It doesn’t just get attraction for its snow it gets noticed for it’s hiking trails with water below.


  • Moscow Russia- Russian winters are known to be notorious, the temperature tends to stay around -10 to -15 degrees. Since Christmas is celebrated on January 7 over there, their joyful holiday spirit lingers around longer. Russia’s agriculture makes you feel as if you’re in a Disney movie, with its round top, colorful buildings to the glimmering lights all around.


If you enjoy watching the Christmas movies but hate the cold these may not be the places you want to visit in December. The list above will definitely show you what’s it like to have that white Christmas that is rarely seen in Las Vegas.

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