Dwight Christmas – The Office Christmas Espisode

The Office is a very famous show, here’s one of the most popular episodes


Riley Sandberg, Contributor

The Office is an American T.V. show based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It’s about this paper company named Dunder Mifflin. Even though this show is about a paper company, they are way more than that. This show has romance, comedy and finally silliness, which is the best combination for a T.V. show. Also it has this one Christmas episode it’s called, “Dwight Christmas”. Dwight is a Paper Salesman at Dunder Mifflin.  


The episode “Dwight Christmas” is about how the workers didn’t have a Christmas party planned so everyone came up with an idea and Dwight came up with “An Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas”. Everyone said no!

to the idea except for Jim and Pam. In the end they went with the Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. Dwight dressed up as Belsnickel and chose who’s year was impish and admirable. If their year was impish he would hit them with a stick.  Since Dwight’s best friend Jim had to go Dwight and decided he didn’t want to be Belsnickel. They ended up having a normal holiday.