Christmas Traditions

Students Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Grace Perkins, Contributor

Everyone has their own special way of celebrating holidays. Today, I’m going to be talking about Christmas and how a student that attends Rogich celebrates it. I reached out to a student, her name is Willow Nelson and she’s in the seventh grade.

She told me a few of her favorite traditions that she does on Christmas. Starting with playing holiday games such as the plastic wrap game. In this game there is a ball of plastic wrap with candy, money, and prizes inside the layers of the wrap. When playing the game you wear oven mitts while unwrapping it as the appointment next to you rolls two dice and tries to roll a pair for her/his turn, then you just repeat that step until you hit the end for the biggest prize. After her family plays holiday games, they all bake together. They usually bake sugar cookies, then after her family comes together and frosts them all. Then in the morning her family opens gifts from Santa.

Then later at night her family eats a nice turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, corn, and other nice treats later in the evening.


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