New Years Traditions

How will you celebrate 2021?


Grace Perkins, Contributor

New Years Traditions

Everyone has their own traditions for the holidays. New Years is especially exciting because it’s the first holiday of each new year and it is celebrated around the world. The year 2021 is going to be a new chapter of everyone’s lives, so it should be celebrated with all of its glory. It seems the most popular traditions include the famous countdown and fireworks. However, there are other traditions people do such as pop their own firecrackers, smooch a loved one, eat 12 grapes, smash a plate with all their goals written on it, jump 7 waves at the beach while the fireworks go off, make a wish jar, and get a new lucky charm. These are just some of the traditions, but there are many more. To see more traditions click the link below.

Students at Rogich Middle School have shared how they celebrate New Years. For example, Stella Felici, a seventh grader, watches New York City’s countdown, her hometown, with her family and friends. Once the countdown is done, they all pop firecrackers outside their house. Another seventh grade student, Ella Brayton, goes to California to visit her family and friends.  She hangs out with them during the day and they have a fantastic barbecue. Afterwards, they all watch the Vegas countdown and the wonderful firecrackers. Rogich Middle School students know how to rock in the New Year!





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