Movies Releasing in 2021

Movie companies seek other routes.


Riley Sandberg, Contributor

Movies that Come Out in 2021


Since the Corona Virus is not letting people go outside, most movie companies have decided to put their movies out on streaming devices. Also some movie companies may be putting their movies on Dish or Cox, but if they did, you would have to rent or buy them.


One movie that would be coming out in 2021 is Cinderella, directed by Kay Cannon.  Whitney Houston would be voicing the fairy godmother. Anyone would enjoy a newer version of the classic Cinderella. Another that is coming out is Peter Rabbit 2. The main character will be voiced by James Cordon. We get to see the beloved rabbit again on his crazy adventures. Finally the Ghostbusters: Afterlife with Paul Rudd will be released in March of 2021. This movie will be a comedy and with some of people’s favorite actor, Paul Rudd would be a fan favorite. 

Sadly most people wouldn’t get the movie theater experience. With movie theaters closing, people won’t get the popcorn that everyone loves and people won’t be able to go with friends and family. In the end it’s nice that new movies will be coming out, but it’ll be sad that people won’t get the movie theater experience. 


Photo credit: unsplash