The Hopeful Mr.Hook

English teacher and Football lover.


Brielle Brown, Contributor

Mr. Hook is an English teacher here at Rogich Middle School. Mr. Hook is a giant Cheifs fan which leads to the question “What are your likes and dislikes” he stated “My likes and dislikes are the Kansas City Chiefs, and I dislike the Denver Broncos. I also like reading, playing basketball, and watching great movies. I also dislike rude people, red lights, and waiting in line. I’m a really impatient person.” Wow, that is really cool seems like he loves sports.

When asked, “Have you always wanted to be a teacher” he stated “I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in fourth grade. I always looked up to my teachers.” When asked “What is your opinion on online school” he stated, “I think that online school has been great so far because I have the best students who have made it work. Online school is a challenge, but it will ultimately improve how teachers teach and how students learn. I’m planning on using more technology when we return to the classroom.”

When asked “When did you start teaching” he stated, “I started teaching in January of 2015 after graduating from U.N.L.V., and this is my sixth year teaching.” Wow, that is so cool!

We love our teachers and should be very thankful for them this coming year with everything happening. To conclude, Mr. Hook is a great teacher here at Rogich, and we should appreciate them a lot. 



Photo Credit: Mr. Hook