The Admirable Annalina

Rider Spotlight- The admirable Annalina

Rowyn Johnson, Contributor

The Admirable Annalina

Annalina Wagner is an eighth grade student here at Rogich Middle School. She is a very bright student with intentions of becoming a forensic scientist when she is older.

It is the start of a new year and these are some of Annalina’s thoughts. When asked about her New Year’s Resolutions she wants “to be more on top of my school work.” I think we all need a good comeback from 2020 so some of Annalina’s expectations for this year are “for us to go back to school.” I most definitely agree with that statement.

To look at the bright side of 2020, I asked Annalina if there is something she might miss from last year. She replied with “I will miss being able to relax at home if we end up going back to school.” We all got through 2020 regardless of the many obstacles which were all different for everyone, so when asked about the hardest part about 2020 was, she replied with. “The hardest part about 2020 was the way school was set up, doing assignments was really difficult.”

When asked to describe 2020 in just three words, Annalina said, “Tiring, eternity, and eye-opening.” I simply couldn’t have said anything better.

Besides the negative parts last year brought us we can also be thankful for experiencing that in some way. When asked what Annalina was grateful for this year she responded with, “I’m thankful for the knowledge I got living through 2020” I think we can all agree that this year was a struggle but its a new beginning and we can all overcome this together!

Info Credit: Annalina Wagner

Photo Credit: Annalina Wagner