How To Stay On Track With School

Starting Over


Ayiana Gonzalez, Contributor

As we start a new year, we start a new semester and that can always be a good thing. The new semester can mean a new start, if you didn’t like the way you did something last year, or just disliked some of your grades, it is time to start over. Since this year is online learning, there are different ways to stay on track and organized with school.

How To Stay On Track

  • Having a Calendar

It doesn’t need to actually be a calendar, just something where you can put when assignments are due. This is very important because if you miss a due date you can’t turn it in anymore. If you constantly keep forgetting to turn things in it can start impacting your grade for the worse.

  •  Not doing things last minute

Doing things last minute is definitely the starter pack for worrying. You’re worried you might now make it in time or worried it might not be good, leading to a bad grade either way. If you get an assignment you should do it every day little by little, so when the time comes to turn it in you don’t have to do it all at once.

  • Good Notes

When taking notes it’s important to make them neat and readable. When taking notes, your teacher might be going fast so jot down the most important part of the lesson, then go back and make it presentable. Notes can help with future assignments, like when you don’t understand something, or even for studying for quizzes.

  • Communication

Having good communication with teachers is key. If you are having trouble with something you should reach out to your teacher by email or even on the google meet. It is a different time and we don’t usually communicate with our teachers like right now, if you are a shy person and you don’t like talking in meetings it’s best to email your teacher, rather than not asking at all.

  • Good Study Habits

When having to take a quiz it’s always better to take the quiz fully prepared. So beforehand you should always review old notes, and give yourself some questions to answer, this will get you prepared for the test.

There of course is all different kinds of ways to prepare yourself for school and get the grades you want. These are just some ideas on how to help with the next semester of school.

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