3 Fun And Easy Hanukkah Crafts

Hanukkah is right around the corner so here are 3 fun and easy Hanukkah crafts to try this year.

Michayla Herzlich, Contributor

It’s starting to get cold outside, which means that the holidays are right around the corner. There are so many fun and easy crafts you could do this holiday season but three simple Hanukkah ones are, a pasta Menorah, a Dreidel banner, and a star suncatcher. 


The first craft is a pasta Menorah. For the pasta Menorah you will need 1 uncooked lasagna noodle, gold, or any color paint you want your menorah to be, a paintbrush, 10 Messi rigatoni noodles, and lastly you will need a glue gun, or some sort of glue.

  1. To start the craft you will need to take all your noodles and paint them the color of paint you chose, and set them out to dry. 
  2. Use your glue to glue one of the rigatoni noodles on top of another to make the Shamash and glue it to the middle of the lasagna noodle. 
  3. On either side of the Shamash glue four rigatoni noodles down on the lasagna noodle to make 8 other candle holders. You can also add noodles in front of the candle holders to make it look cool. 
  4. Put the candle in the candle holders and put it on display. 

The second craft is a Dreidel banner. For the Dreidel banner you will need different colors of blue paper, or just any colors you want, a pen, scissors, glue, string, and tape. 


  1. To take the pen and paper and draw a dreidel design on the paper. 
  2. Cut it out and trace it seven more times so you have 8 cut out dreidels. 
  3.  Cut out circles, triangles, and squares out of paper and glue the shapes you just cut out onto the dreidel. 
  4. Cut a long piece of string and glue all the dreidels on the string.
  5.  Hang up your banner with tape or anything you have to hang it. 


The last craft is a Hanukkah sun catcher. For this craft you will need a paint brush, silver paint or any color you like, popsicle sticks, blue tissue paper or any color you like, glue, foil, string,  and scissors. 

  1.  Glue three popsicle sticks to make a triangle shape and then glue three more popsicle sticks to make a triangle shape. 
  2. Put one triangle on top of the other and glue it so it looks like a star.
  3. Paint the star with your silver paint or the color of paint you chose and let it sit out to dry.
  4. Cut a piece of string and tie it on the star, that is what you will use to hang your suncatcher.
  5.  Cut a piece of aluminum foil and set it down as a placemat, then mix some water and glue together to make a paste.
  6. After you make the paste, cut out some pieces of tissue paper and put the paste on the tissue paper one piece at a time. 
  7. Place the tissue paper on the star using the paste and if the tissue paper rips you can always put more layers of tissue paper on top and continue to put more pieces of tissue paper all over the star till it’s fully covered. 
  8. Once dry make a little loop in your string for a place to hang it up and you’re done.


See how easy those were? Now that you’re done, you can go outside and enjoy the nice winter weather and fun family time. That’s it for three fun and easy crafts for this holiday season. 


Work cited and photo credits: https://www.pbs.org/parents/crafts-and-experiments/pasta-menorah