History of Valentine’s Day

The confusing history of Valentine’s Day.


Elena Kielelani Chamberlain, Contributor

Valentine’s Day as you know occurs every February 14th, it’s known as being the “holiday” for love or friendship; but many people don’t know the actual history of the holiday.  Although there is no confirmed history or Valentine’s Day, there are many versions for different beliefs.  Many people believed that it was originally a Pagan festival in the middle of February to celebrate fertility and Faunus. History.org stated that Faunus “Was the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.” But it was covered up by the Christian church to “Christianize” it, due to the two beliefs being quite opposite to each other.

Some others believe that it was a day to celebrate the death of St. Valentine, who protested when Emperor Claudius II banned marriage because, “Single men made better soldiers.” Which might be where the romance and love part of the holiday came from, but yet because he protested against this; he was put to death. But again, this is just another one of theories that many people believe in due to religious beliefs or just thoughts. But now, people all over the world decide to use it as a celebration of love and friendship.



Photo Credit: Alleksana, Pexels.

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