World Cancer Day

A day to raise awareness about cancer.


Zara Alford, Contributor

February 4th is the day to bring more awareness to Cancer. Doctors have found many ways to stop cancer from destroying others lives but there is still no cure. Even though there is no cure, it is still important to raise awareness. There are many ways to raise awareness of cancer other than donating. You can attend or host social events, write, post and empower others about cancer. 

World Cancer Day first originated in 2000 in Paris. In this meeting, important people such as leaders of government agencies and cancer organizations signed a document containing 10 articles that outlined commitment to improving cancer patients’ lives. This then became a holiday that many people now celebrate. 

Even though students are attending school this year online, there are ways to celebrate World Cancer Day. For example, students can wear one of the ten colors of cancer: White, Grey, Pink, Emerald Green, Lime Green, Light Blue, Periwinkle Blue, Yellow, Orange and Dark Blue

Many are affected by this disastrous disease which is why raising awareness and donating is important. To help others, you can start a “Go Fund Me” page or a toy drive-through. Make a change and help kick cancer in the face and make it a thing in the past.

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