The Daring Mrs. Dereli

The English teacher with so much to offer.


Grace White, Contributor

Ms. Dereli is a 7th grade English teacher at Sig Rogich Middle School. She moved to Las Vegas 4 years ago and started working in the school district within the same year. That means she has been working as a teacher since 2017. She has been teaching accelerated and regular classes as long as she has been teaching. Before she was a teacher she worked in government affairs and public relations.  She also worked for the governor of Oregon and was a staff member for an Oregon congressman. When she started substitute teaching, she realized she liked it so much she got her teaching license. 

Some of her hobbies include being the family historian and traveling. She also really enjoys cooking. Like the author of this article, she enjoys riding horses. She is also a dog lover but sadly her dog passed away a couple months ago.  Now she doesn’t know whether to get another dog or a horse.  Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it’s about spending time with family, eating, and relaxing.  She has 2 young adult sons and is happily married to her husband.

These days her primary focus is teaching. She loves her students just as much as her own children. She starts every class period saying, “Good morning, happy group!” because she loves to hang out with her students. She tries to assign a reasonable amount of homework, but she expects quality work from all her students.  She likes to explain the work that she assigns and she likes helping students do their best. She is definitely one of the best teachers that her students can have. 

Image 1: Ms. Dereli

Image 2: Ms. Dereli