Going to School with the Hybrid Model

Starting school in a pandemic

Going to School with the Hybrid Model

Elena Chamberlain, Contributor

Going into school during a pandemic sounds horrifying, and the honest answer is that it is, especially when everything is unknown. There are going to be so many changes to the school we know from last year, it’s going to be stressful and hard; but it’s going to work. As everyone knows, this will obviously be the 6th grader’s first year in middle school, and due to Covid they didn’t even get an orientation or anything.  Of course there are going to be staff helping them, but that sounds so scary. There are going to be new rules, which is good because the school needs to make sure that people and their families are safe and healthy.

Many new things will be in store, just two of them being no lockers and one way hallways; but there are so many unknown things that we won’t know until we are there at school. The teachers are stressed, but also excited as you would imagine; it’s gonna be hard getting people in classrooms again. Then again there is also the risk of people not wearing their mask correctly or maybe not even having them on. But what students have to think about is that you need to keep people safe and not sick, and keeping a mask on for a little bit isn’t going to hurt them, if anything, it’s going to save them.

Panoramaed.com claims that some schools like Ann Arbor Public Schools will be able to send their students to hybrid classes for 2 days a week. It won’t be all the students, maybe 25-50 to keep things safe, “Depending on public health guidance, 25 percent to 50 percent of students could have an in-person learning experience one to two days per week. On the other days of the week, students would participate in online learning.” These schools’ rules for the hybrid schedule are much like ours, with our cohorts and some students staying home. Another district doing this is the California Department of Education, they are also doing the cohort A,B, and C; where their students will be able to choose if they want to go to hybrid school or not.

All and all, the most we can do is just be safe and wear our masks, while learning in this new way at school.

Photo creds: CDC, August de Richelieu, Pexels