Shows Opening or have Recently Opened in Las Vegas

As Covid safety precautions lift, Vegas shows come alive


Samhita Mookerjee, Contributor

As stores, businesses, and schools are slowly opening, some entertainment hotspots are also opening. Last March when the pandemic started, many shows, resorts, and other attractions in the strip were closed down. However, now that Covid precautions have slightly lifted, many shows are going to open. Without any delay, here are 3 different shows that are going to open soon. 

1. David Copperfield 

This show will take place inside the David Copperfield theater in the MGM Grand. His show is rumored to be starting again as soon as March starts most likely the 21st. His main act is magic, and that’s interesting! If only he could make the pandemic disappear, oh well. It’s also rumored that one of his productions, The Impossible will be from 7:30 to 9 pm from Sunday to Friday. On Saturday there will be 3 shows airing times from, 4,7, and 9:30 pm. 

2. The Australian Bee Gees Show 

This show has already returned! It is located in the Thunderland Showroom at the Excalibur. It said that it returned on March 15th. This is a multicultural music show, sounds pretty interesting! The show is set from 6 pm nightly except on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

3. Blue Man Group 

This is another show that’s currently on the strip. Just like the previous one this is a musical performance that is filled with color, rhythm, and it’s made for all ages. The show is found at Luxor.  The duration is about 90 minutes, and it happens daily, showtimes are 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm. 


These are some pretty interesting shows! However to attend them, there are covid safety precautions, which include staying 6 feet apart, masks, and the usual precautions. However there are limited seats available. So enjoy these shows for spring break, holidays, or just spending time with your friends and family check them out!

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