The Legendary Mrs. Landis

Mrs. Landis is a very interesting person and did a lot of things before she was a teacher.


Grace White, Contributor

Mrs. Landis is a Sig Rogich 8th grade English teacher. She is happily married, with three awesome adult children, two cats, and is currently hunting for her next adoptive dog.  She likes to read, research, travel, play tennis, eat plant based/vegan foods, and exercise often (every day) with her husband, Mr. Landis (who is also a teacher at Rogich). They are both retiring in May and look forward to having more time to do all of those things together.  She has been an English teacher for 31 years; this is her 30th year teaching in CCSD.  She has taught English 6-12 over the past 30 years, and has been at Rogich for the last 18 years as an English teacher, currently teaching English 9 Honors to 8th graders, and as a learning strategist.  She also works part time for the State of Nevada at RPDP training other teachers and teaching UNLV credit courses though RPDP, in teaching English.  She has a Master’s degree in Literature, with a specialty in 19th Century British Literature.  Mrs. Landis is passionate about teaching Frankenstein, and totally excited to teach it one last time to her “amazing 9th grade students.” Her favorite teaching memory will always be when Sig Rogich became a National Blue Ribbon School and got to travel to Washington, D.C. with a team of teachers to be recognized.

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Mrs. Landis