April Fool’s Prank Ideas

Do you celebrate April Fool’s Day?


Bianca Montano, Contributor

Do you celebrate April Fool’s Day? April Fools is one of the most carefree days in the world. It an annual event that people can humiliate others without being looked down on. Some people don’t participate in the event, but there is always next year! But if you do celebrate, here are some pranks that are exciting!


Fake Bugs

Even though it has been done numerous times, it still freaks people out. Personally, I use this one almost every day on my family, but it’s timeless and has the same effect each time. 


Caramel Onions

Yes, it is what it sounds like. Dip some onions in caramel and refrigerate them overnight. Then, you will have a sweet looking treat that isn’t what it seems. 


Balloon Cake

For this prank, you will blow up a basic balloon and tie it. Then, you will put frosting and sprinkles on top, making it balloon look like a cake. Finally, have your target cut the cake, but instead of having a slice of mouthwatering cake, you will frosting on your face and disappointment.


These are some of my favorite pranks that I have done. Would you try these this year?


Photo Credits:

Francesco Ungaro