The Wonderful Mrs. Wright!

Learn some interesting facts about Mrs. Wright and what inspired her to inspire us.


Diana Airapetian, Contributor

Mrs. Wright has been an inspiring teacher for about 24 years. She says, “I graduated from UNLV and was inspired to become a teacher by my third grade teacher. He had built a treehouse, yes a real treehouse in his classroom. It had 3 levels and at the very top you could read books. Even though I can’t build a treehouse, I knew I wanted to do something special to captivate my students.”

Mrs. Wright enjoys gardening and other yard work. She is a “bit of a neat freak” so she likes to clean her house. She also says, “I was born in Colorado. I grew up on a farm and am proud to say that I know how to work hard. I still have a little of that farm girl in me. I can even drive a tractor. I haven’t been to many places. Traveling hasn’t been one of my passions. I enjoy staying at home. There is always something to do… I even like to build things.”

Mrs. Wright is an exceptional teacher because she always makes learning fun and easy for students to understand. She tries her best every day and always puts a smile on her face just for her students.