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Summer Plans


Samhita Mookerjee, Contributor

As the school year ends, many people are either going out of town for summer, hanging with their family, or just have general plans. However due to COVID-19 some of things will be incredibly risky. Not only that but a lot of people don’t have summer plans. So what are some things that you could over summer break to keep you occupied? Here are four things to do to make sure this summer is fun and entertaining. 


1. Hiking

It’s a great activity to do when bored and hanging out with friends and family. In Nevada there’s several areas to do so, such as Red Rock, Valley of Fire, Death Valley, and others. However, these places get hot in the summer so it is advised that you bring plenty of water, food, sun screen, and other sorts of protection from the hot sun. To add on, this is an outdoor activity so COVID-19 can’t spread as fast. But that does not mean you shouldn’t wear a mask, stay socially distanced, and stay safe. 

2. Summer Playlist

Music is sometimes the best remedy when feeling bored or sad or lonely. So explore the different kinds! Over the summer take notes of different artists and types of music that is enjoyable. It could be rock music, lofi, jazz, or anything really! In fact, go over the playlist at the end of the summer with a friend! 

3. Binge Watching/ Making a Movie List

Summer is the time when stuff gets done, including all the movies/ TV shows left on binge lists. Pick out several movies to watch with family or friends. After watching it, discuss it with a family member or a person you can just talk to. Make sure there is a variety of genres such as fantasy, action, romance, basically mix and match. 

4. Learn how to make new food

Food is something that is enjoyable, something that is beneficial but it can also be fun. Learn a new recipe that is unique and new, for example making cake pops, or ravioli. Experiment and have fun! Remember to be safe, take precautionary steps and ask a parent or guardian if you can do so. 


All in all, summer is a time to have fun and enjoy yourself! So experiment with the different things you can do! Below will be a list of websites to have new foods to make and artists you can listen to.


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Food recipes:


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