The Marvelous Madisyn Baugh

Learn some interesting facts about Maddie Baugh!


Diana Airapetian, Contributor

Madisyn Baugh is a 14 year old girl who was born in Las Vegas. She enjoys watching Minecraft Youtubers, making fun recipes, and doing her makeup. Madisyn is a very talented makeup artist who creates crazy good looks and fun designs. Maddie likes to watch Tommy Innit, Quickity, and Georgenotfound. She makes amazing baked goods such as mini cupcakes and macaroons is so many fun flavors like strawberry and coffee. Her favorite TV shows are “The Walking Dead”, “90 Day Fiance”, and “Insatiable”. Maddie is a kindhearted individual who cares about the people surrounding her and is always there for her loved ones. She will boost your confidence by 1000% percent when you don’t feel the best in your life. Madisyn loves to do any type of art and it always comes out looking so good. She is super talented and she takes art at Rogich.